Syringe Shields

Syringe shields, Syringe transporters, Syringe holders and Vial shields for nuclear medicine personnel to reduce dose rate when working with radiopharmaceuticals. Our syringe shields and vial shields have an anodized aluminum casing to provide optimal protection and to apply a color coding.

Syringe Shield Clip-Lock

Part number: SS2CL

Part number: SS2CL Tungsten syringe shield for syringe with clip-lock to secure the syringe into position during the elution process. The anodized aluminum outside finishing optimizes the ability to decontaminate the syringe shield.

Syringe Shield Big-Screw

Part number: SS2BS

Part number: SS2BS Tungsten syringe shields for dose protection when preparing and injecting radiopharmaceuticals. Multiple volumes and inside dimensions are available to comply with various worldwide syringe manufacturers.

Syringe Shield Lead Glass

Part number: SS2LGCL

Part number: SS2LGCL Syringe shields with lead glass viewing window for optimal visibilty of the syringe. The clip-lock mechanism will make sure that the syringe is held in place.

Syringe Shield PET

Part number: SS2BSP

Part number: SS2BSP 8 mm tungsten high quality syringe shield with anodized aluminum finishing provides excellent shielding when using PET isotopes. A lead glass viewing window has been integrated to ensure visibility of the radiopharmaceuticals inside the syringe.

PET 511 C-Tec Syringe Shield

Part number: 0665-2020, 0665-2015, 0665-2021

Part number: 0665-2020, 0665-2015, 0665-2021 Syringe Shield designed to provide shielding for 511 keV PET nuclides. The 511 Syringe Shield is made of Tungsten with a 12 mm (0,5") lead equivalency. It has a viewing area of 19 mm (0.

511 Dose-Drawing Syringe Shield

Part number: 0665-2017, 0665-2011, 0665-2018

Part number: 0665-2017, 0665-2011, 0665-2018 The 511 Dose Drawing Syringe Shields are constructed with the same featured shielding as the 511 C-Tec Syringe Shields. The needle end of the syringe shield has a Tungsten disc that protects the user’s hands during the dose drawing procedure.

Syringe Shields Pin-Tec Capintec

Part number: 4300-0034, 4300-0035, 4300-0036, 4300-0037

Part number: 4300-0034, 4300-0035, 4300-0036, 4300-0037 Capintec’s PIN-TEC syringe shield incorporates the most popular design in syringe shields today. It is built to withstand the rigors of daily use by using a unique pin-action that grips the syringe and prevents it from inadvertently backing out or twisting in the shield.

Syringe Shield C-Tec Capintec

Part number: 4300-0030, 4300-1059, 4300-0031, 4300-0032, 4300-0033

Part number: 4300-0030, 4300-1059, 4300-0031, 4300-0032, 4300-0033 The C-Tec Syringe Shields by Capintec offer efficient shielding, while not restricting the ease of use even in the smallest hands. Capintec’s unique bright yellow florescent gloss reflects light better, which brightens the view of the syringe.

Syringe Holder Capintec

Part number: 0670-0020, 0670-0001

Part number: 0670-0020, 0670-0001 Designed to cleanly hold up to 6 syringes easily while providing maximum protection, Capintec has designed the Multi-Syringe Holder with 3 mm lead in the walls, top and bottom of the shield. The openings will contain syringes of 1 cc to 10 cc.

Shielded Syringe Holder

Part number: SH1112R

Part number: SH1112R Nuclear Shields manufactures lead shielded syringe holders with 12. 5 mm lead shielding to protect personnel from radioactive materials in syringes when working with radiopharmaceuticals. This shielded syringe holder is also available with incorporated needle recapper to minimize the risk of stick-incidents.

Shielded Syringe Carrier

Part number: 0670-2026 or SSC113

Part number: 0670-2026 or SSC113 Shielded syringe carrier is designed for safe transportation of radioactive materials without any radiation leaks. This shielded syringe carrier has lead shielding all around and is finished with stainless steel for easy cleaning and decontamination.

Sharp Container Shield

Part number: SWB113, SWB116

Part number: SWB113, SWB116 Sharps container shield with 3 / 6 mm lead shielding and a small lid for quickly disposing sharps waste. The lid can be completely hinged to exchange the sharps container without having to lift the heavy lid off of the sharps container shield.

Sharp Shields

Part number: 0660-0018, 0660-0019

Part number: 0660-0018, 0660-0019 Sharps leaded container cabinets offer a convenient way to store spent syringes in a safe manner. Sharp Shield with Vertical drop

Two sizes, one is designed for containment of one medium-size Chimney-Top Monoject Sharps container. The other holds two small or one large Monoject Sharps Container.

PET Sharps Container Shield

Part number: 5730-2271

Part number: 5730-2271 The Capintec PET sharps container shield is constructed to stand alone or to be recessed within a countertop. The shield is constructed of steel with 1″ lead lining and allows for simple and convenient disposal of 511keV radionuclides.