Storage and Shipping Containers

To shield the environment from radiation exposure during transport or storage one could use containers. These are available in many different types and sizes.

Type-A Container

Part number: VG-TYPE-A/BVC

Part number: VG-TYPE-A/BVC This re-usable Type A container is designed and tested according to the IAEA Regulations for the Safe Transport of Radioactive Material TS-R-1 (ST-1, As Amended 2003). The packing exists of a 15 litre plastic container, which is closed by a easy to use lid.

Lead Storage Containers

Part number: LS0070

Part number: LS0070 Lead lined containers to store radiopharmaceuticals or other radioactive materials. Nuclear Shield manufacture these containers based on your specifications to fit the equipment or materials you need to store or transport.

PET Transport Case

Part number: 5530-0069

Part number: 5530-0069 The Capintec PET Transport System is safe, secure, and easy to use. You can ship up to three single syringes (3 cc or 5 cc) in our three (3) part Tungsten Syringe Shield. The PET Transport System is approved for DOT Ground and IATA Air Transport.

Tungsten Syringe Shields

Part number: 5530-2040

Part number: 5530-2040 Three part shield design for versatility; can be used as both a transport shield and injection shield.  Sturdy and comfortable nylon web strap/handle for easy removal from DOT Transporter, and carrying

Transporter Syringes

Part number: 0670-2026

Part number: 0670-2026 The transporter has its handle is attached to the body of the carrier allowing the lid to be lifted easily for syringe removal. The Transporter II contains 3 mm lead on the top, bottom, front and back; it has an additional 6 mm lead on each end.  

Shielded syringe carrier - Nuclear Shields

Part number: SSC113

Part number: SSC113 Our shielded syringe carrier is designed for safe transportation of radioactive materials without any radiation leaks. This shielded syringe carrier has 3,2 mm lead shielding all around and is finished with stainless steel for easy cleaning and decontamination.

Round Container 25 mm Lead

Part number: 0670-0010

Part number: 0670-0010 The rotund lead container is designed with 25 mm thick lead shielding and is provided with an easy carry handle attached. This shield will hold vials up to a 30 cc vial and can even be used for quick transport of product when portability is required.  

Square Lead Container 12 mm Lead

Part number: 0660-2880

Part number: 0660-2880 This is an ideal storage container for the small hot lab where space is at a premium. The 12 mm walls offer adequate protection from exposure to radiation from most nuclides used in the Nuclear Medicine Department.

Mobile Lead Container

Part number: SWB135

Part number: SWB135 Radiation shielded container with cart for easy and ergonomic transportation. The lead container has been designed for high-energy, such as PET, with a lead shielding thickness of 50 mm (2").

Transport Case

Part number: 0652-0029

Part number: 0652-0029 The High Radiation Transport Cart is a safe way to transport heavy lead containers within your facility without risk of the cart turning over or struggling with a container too heavy to carry safely.

Container 38 mm Lead For Transport Case

Part number: 5730-2041

Part number: 5730-2041 The shield is designed to fit into the Transport Cart and hold vials, typically of PET 511 keV emitters.