Hotlab Lead-Lined Cabinets and Working Stations

Gammadata can offer versatile solutions of workstations and leaded cabinetry suitable for Hotlab or other applications were storing radioactive material is an issue.

Lead-lined Cabinet for Hotlab

Part number: SC121

Part number: SC121 Lead lined laboratory cabinet to store radioactive materials. This shielded hotlab cabinet belongs to a modular range of shielded hotlab furniture and is available with 6, 12. 5 and 25 mm lead shielding.

Storage cabinet 3 drawers

Part number: SC123

Part number: SC123 Modular shielded radioisotope storage cabinet with three drawers.

Storage cabinet 6 drawers

Part number: SC126

Part number: SC126 Modular shielded radioactive sample storage cabinet with six drawers.

Lead-lined Cabinets and Furniture

A broschure of the standard range could be found under the Datasheet tab. The lead-lined cabinetry is available in 6, 12 or 25 mm lead shielding. Select models available in 50 mm thickness for PET applications. All cabinet drawers and doors are supplied with key locks.

Capintec Working Stations Customized

Capintec offers a series of Customizable working stations. We will be happy to receive your specification and custom build a workstation for your facility. Typical items on our workstations are Dose Calibrator Chamber, shielded waste container, Sharp shield etc

QC L-Block Station

Part number: SW125

Part number: SW125 The QC L-Block is used to protect personnel from unwanted radiation exposure when working with the dose calibrator. The Quality Control L-block has 50mm lead shielding and is finished with stainless steel.

Tabletop Shielded Workstation

Part number: SW145

Part number: SW145 Shielded tabletop workstation incl. extractable L-block shield to provide a protected work environment. This tabletop workstation is shielded with 5 mm lead, but other shielding thicknesses can always be requested. The complete outside has been finished with stainless steel to provide an easy-to-clean workspace.

Mobile PET Shield

Part number: 5530-3042

Part number: 5530-3042 The Capintec PET Mobile Shield provides excellent protection from the high-energy 511keV photons of PET isotopes. The shield is a cost-effective and versatile way of ensuring adequate radiation protection in a PET facility. The mobile shield can be easily rolled into position for injecting, dispensing or handling PET isotopes.

Mobile PET Workstation

Part number: SW115

Part number: SW115 The mobile PET workstation is developed for small PET hot labs. This workstation provides a space-efficient workstation with a sliding L-block shield, a shielded isotope calibrator chamber well and a shielded waste bin enclosure.

Cyclotron L-Block Station

Part number: SW135

Part number: SW135 The Cyclotron L-Block Station is usually placed close to the cyclotron for the maintenance. The L-Block Station has 50 mm lead shielding and also has a safe on the left with 50mm lead shielding.