Lead shielded LAF bench, Hot Cells, Fume Hoods and Glove Boxes

Do you help or inspiration to equip your lab? We assist you with lead shielded LAF benches, Hot Cells, Fume Hoods and Glove Boxes from the most prominent manufacturers.

Glove Box

Glove boxes for the radiopharmaceutical dispensing. Please contact us to discuss your application and to find the best supplier.

Laminar Flow Hood (LAF benches)

Part number: 5730-0024

Part number: 5730-0024 Laminar Air Flow benches CLASS II type total exhaust safety cabinets for the most exacting requirements. These cabinets provide the highest levels of worker protection when using toxic chemicals and radionuclides.

Radiation Fume Hood

Radiation Fume Hoods in a wide variety of configurations. The hoods are constructed of  stainless steel and include an integral bottom with cup sink option. The one piece interior is free of joints, cracks, or crevices which prevents buildup of residue and simplifies decontamination procedures.

Hot Cells

Hotcells. Please contact us for further information.