L-block shield

Tabletop L-Block Shield

Part number: TTS11

Part number: TTS11 Tabletop L-block shield with 20 mm internal lead shielding and a lead glass viewing window with 20 mm lead equivalent to protect the head and torso from unwanted radiation exposure. The stainless steel finishing makes it easy to clean and decontaminate the l-block shield when necessary.

Standard L-block shield

Part number: 5130-2090

Part number: 5130-2090 The Standard “L” shield is the favorite as a drawing station and as a storage shield for unit doses with easy access. Side shields or lead brick may be used to form walls when the Standard shield is used to store higher activity or for additional shielding.

Corner Tabletop Shield

Part number: S0007

Part number: S0007 Nuclear Shields designed and manufactured this corner tabletop shield for a customer who requested a custom made shielding solution. The corner tabletop shield is 350mm in height, 350 mm in width and 450 mm in depth to prevent tipping.

L-block Stainless Steel

Part number: 5550-0002

Part number: 5550-0002 The Tech L-Block is specially designed to protect against Tc-99m. This lead containing L-Block gives full protection to the torso while the leaded glass window allows the technologist full view of the work area and offers shielding from radiation.

L-block Mini

Part number: 5130-2086

Part number: 5130-2086 The Mini L-block shield offers the greatest in flexibility of positioning. This smaller unit is perfect for those very small work areas where additional protection is required for temporary storage of syringes or vials. Excellent for remote stations where syringes must be filled or as an additional work station.

Clear Lead L-block Shield

Part number: 5730-0031, 5730-0032, 5730-0033

Part number: 5730-0031, 5730-0032, 5730-0033 This Clear-Pb table top “L” shield offers protection from low energy gamma and beta radiation while providing complete visibility of the work area.

L-block Beta and Gamma

Part number: 5130-2161

Part number: 5130-2161 Protect for both beta and gamma emitting nuclides. Consist of standard L-block with additional beta insert cover

L-block Adjustable PET Table Top

Part number: 5530-2077

Part number: 5530-2077 Adjustable 511 L Block Table Top Shield. Designed to exceed the basic requirement of outstanding radiation protection it now also boasts the luxury of an adjustable lead glass window for greater work area flexibility.

L-block PET Table Top

Part number: 0665-2014

Part number: 0665-2014 511 "L" Block Shield is placed in front of the Drawing Station and used to provide a protected work area for safe handling of 511 keV nuclides. The front wall and the base of the unit are constructed of steel with built-in lead shielding.

L-block PET in Stainless Steel

Part number: 0550-0003

Part number: 0550-0003 This shield is designed for facilities that prepare and dispense high activity doses. The shield has a fully shielded floor. The lead glass is 87 mm thick to shield out the high energy gamma.