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Rugged germanium detectors

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Applications are:

• Space
• Environment
• Deactivation & Decommissioning (D&D)
• Industry
• Emergency response

Features are:

• Hardened design, shock and vibration resistant
• Adapted cooling devices (electrical fanless coolers)
• Multiple references in space missions (Integral, Mars Orbiter, Selene...)
• Encapsulation techniques allowing easy exchange of each individual detector when mounted in arrays or partial heat cycling.
• Dedicated shapes and materials for cryostats (hexagonal cutting, titanium lightweight capsules, telescope mount, etc.)
• Selected components towards impurities to limit any X-ray fluorescence of materials in the HPGe crystal vicinity.
• Large choice of N-type detectors and associated annealing accessories for on-site repair after radiation damage
• Ultra High Vacuum for the best reliability and heat thermal cycle free constraints.
• Waterproof design for outdoor use.
• Easy to decontaminate.
• Integrated complete solution easy to deploy with short time before it could be used