Claisse fusion instruments produce borate glass disks for analysis by X-ray Fluorescence (XRF), acid solutions for analysis by Atomic Absorption (AA) or by Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP).

Depending on the Fluxer model, it is possible to prepare up to six samples simultaneously. An automatic, programmable control unit allows for the setting and adjusting of fusion parameters such as heating intensity, agitation speed, crucible angle and duration of heating.

Claisse fusion instruments are of exceptional design, which ensures their safe and flawless operation, rapid installation and easy maintenance. The same careful thought is given to their performance in order to allow you to get reproducible results and achieve reliable analysis. Claisse also manufacture an automatic weighing station, Le Doser, and a robotized weighing platform, rFusion. TheAnt is used for preparation of single crucibles with flux. The rFusion platform includes a robot that can perform un-monitored addition of flux in 60 crucibles, with a error margin less than 1%.

M4 Fluxer

The open design of the sample preparation area provides possibility to follow the reaction through all steps, for optimization and trouble shooting. Since it is an open system, there will be no oxidization of the moving parts.

Le Doser - Automatic Weigher

LeDoser automatic weigher is specifically designed to weigh and dispense borate flux with high precision. It is more than a weighing device: it is an essential instrument to achieve constant, on target results, and efficient laboratory management.

rFusion - Robotized Weighing Station

The rFusion is a fully robotized and modular system that improves the accuracy of the analysis by elimination of weighing errors and the human fatigue of the production process.

The Ox Advanced

TheOx Advanced fusion instrument is the new version of the world-renowned TheOx instrument. Just like the previous version, it has six fusion positions and is designed for laboratories with a high sample throughput.

Le Neo Fluxer

Key Features

High performance single position
Fully automated
Safe, simple one touch screen operation
Precise temperature control and display to ± 1°C
Electric, resistance-based heating system
Heating chamber temperature up to 1200°C

Eagon 2

The Eagon 2 fusion instrument is fully automatic. It can process two samples simultaneously and is used to prepare glass disks for XRF analysis.

LeDoser 12

Claisse LeDoser-12 is a 12-position weighing instrument. It automatically weighs samples and dispenses borate flux with high precision so you get highly accurate XRF analytical results. Its three weighing modes (sample-to-flux ratio, catch weight and absolute weight) allow it to be seamlessly integrated in your laboratory procedures.